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He's No Mortal Man!

I know you want me
Hear Scotty

Now, Scotty's Web Page is cooler than ever. He still does not have Double Dragon on his Restaurant Guide.

You will want him. They all want him.

Don't miss Twilight in the Bahamas

Right now, you're probably thinking, "I'd sure like to see a web site that's not only clever, but also has plenty of ATTITUDE."
Well, today is your lucky day.
Amsterdam Attitude
is here!
Don't try to spell it, just click it.

Need some beaded jewelry?

Of course you do.  Everybody does.

But wait!  Don't buy it.  Make 'em yourself!

Don't know how?  No problem.
Buy the Kit

Everything you need create your own fabulous bead projects!

Be sure to check out Nikia Angel's collection.

American Maine-Anjou Association

Right now, you're probably thinking, "How can I get my full blooded Maine-Anjou bull officially registered?". Or perhaps, "When is the next Maine-Anjou junior exhibition that's closest to me?" Or maybe even, "What was last year's gross sales for the entire Maine-Anjou breed?"

Well, wonder no more. The American Maine-Anjou Association can answer all those questions and much, much more.

Right now, you're probably thinking, "Could somebody please explain the advantages of leasing?"

The answer is YES.
The answer is Avazpour
Mr. Avazpour


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